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Prof. Yuliya Semenova, Lecturer

(Yuliya Semenova)
Qualifications:ME, PhD

Contact Information

Room:Room KE-4-030
Phone:+353 1 402 4812
Fax:+353 1 402 4690

Research Interests

My research is focused on the area of photonics. My specific areas of interest are:

  • Optical fibre sensing, with a focus on novel types of sensors:
  • --Multimode interference based sensors, e.g., singlemode-multimode-singlemode and other fibre heterostructures;
  • --Photonic crystal fibre sensors;
  • --Micro- and nano-tapered and fibre microresonator sensors;
  • --Plasmonic sensors;
  • --Bend loss sensors.
  • Engineering, medical and environmental applications of optical sensors with a specific interest in:
  • --Microfibre and nanowire sensors for bio- and chemical sensing;
  • --Novel fibre sensors of electro-magnetic fields, temperature, pressure and other physical parameters.

  • Physics and applications of liquid crystals in photonics.

    Below are some ongoing research projects:

    Fibre optic nose (FON), Enterprise Ireland, Commercialisation Fund This project aims to commercialise a novel fibre optic nose (FON) sensor technology based on the highly sensitive fibre structure developed in the Photonics Research Centre.

    Micro/Nanofibre Optical Sensors for Biomedical Applications, DIT Fiosraigh Research Excellence Programme. This project will exploit the application of optical micro-/nano fibres for measuring the change of parameters in the surrounding environment or binding phenomena on the surface of the fibre for biomedical applications.

    Smart Sensors for Engineering Structures (SSES), MATERA-ERAnet Project. This project is in collaboration with Warsaw University of Technology and a Polish helicopter manufacturer, Aero-AT Ltd. The research is focused on the development of smart composite structures for the aviation industry based on a hybrid sensing approach in a composite in order to provide simultaneous in-situ distributed measurement of strain, temperature and vibration.

    Journal and conference publications

    Full list of my publications is available here

    Learning and Teaching Resources

    Optoelectronics I (DT086/DT085)

    Optoelectronics II (DT086/DT085)

    Solid State Electronics ELTR2603 (DT021.2)

    Independent Research Portfolio (DT086/DT085)

    Master Projects (DT086/DT085)