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Dr. Mark Davis, Lecturer

BE, MEngSc, PhD

Tel: +353 1 402 7950

Text book

Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice (Third
Edition) by William Stallings (Prentice Hall) - Essential


Section 1_Introduction.pdf

Section 2_Cryptography.pdf

Section 3_InformationTheory.pdf

Section 4_DES.pdf

Section 5_NetworkSecurity.pdf

Section 6_PublicKeyCryptography.pdf

Section 7_KeyManagement.pdf

Section 8_MessageAuthenticationHashFunction.pdf

Section 9_DigitalSignatures.pdf

Section 10_AuthenticationApps.pdf

Section 11_InternetSecurity.pdf

Section 12_EMAIL_SECURITY.pdf


Recent IEE Lecture on WLAN Standards
The 802.11 Family of WLAN Standards - "Untangling the Alphabet Soup"

Summary of talk given in Enterprise Ireland - 22nd April 2004

Conference Papers
ACM MSWiM Conference 2004 in Venice, Italy

A Wireless Traffic Probe for 802.11 WLANs


QoS Provisioning Scheme in 802.11e WLANs


Vector Signal Analyser

The acquisition of an Agilent 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer represents an important and substantial contribution to the laboratory programmes offered in communications engineering within the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering. 

The Agilent 89410A is a 10 MHz vector signal analyser capable of performing complex signal analysis on both analogue and digital modulation waveforms.

A vector signal analyzer may be considered to be a form of "next generation" spectrum analyzer where complex digital signal processing techniques are employed in order to perform detailed and advanced signal measurements. The measurement and analysis of the signal waveforms found in today's modern communications systems requires the use of a vector signal analyzer.


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