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These notes are scans of the acetates and class handouts.


Class Notes & Labs

Sample Questions & Solutions

DT021/1 & DT081/1

AnalogRefs.pdf  Digrefs.pdf

Week1.pdf  Week2.pdf  Week3.pdf  Week4.pdf  Week5.pdf  Week6.pdf  Week7.pdf  Week8.pdf  Week9.pdf  Week10.pdf  Week11.pdf  Week12.pdf  Week13.pdf  Week14.pdf  Week15.pdf  Week16.pdf  Week17.pdf  Week18.pdf  Week19.pdf  Week20.pdf  Week21.pdf   Week22.pdf  Week23.pdf  Week24.pdf

Past Papers.PDF



Analogue Problem Solutions.pdf

Digital Problem Solutions.pdf


DT008_3 Electronics Laboratory.pdf

Bipolar Transistor & Transformer Coupled Load.pdf
Data Converters handout.pdf
Data Converters.pdf
Linear Op Amp Applications.pdf
Nonlinear Op Amp Applications.pdf
Oscilloscope Probes.pdf
Power Supplies.pdf
Waveform Generation.pdf

DT287_3 00 Supp.pdf
DT287_3 00 Win.pdf
DT287_3 01 Supp.pdf
DT287_3 01 Win.pdf
DT287_3 02 sess.pdf
Sol DT287_3 02 Sess.pdf


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