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Domnick Nardone, Lecturer




How to contact:

Tel: +353 1 402 4792

Teaching Interests

My interests are in the areas of analogue & digital circuit design, particularly the design of digital systems using Hardware Description Language and their implementation on programmable logic hardware (FPGA).
I also have an interest in error control systems and their implementation on FPGA's

Class Notes

The notes are available here

Undergraduate Projects

I have offered a number of projects in the circuit design and error control areas - some titles are given below:
  • Analogue Fibre Optic Link
  • Digital Fibre Optic Link
  • Device Charaterisation & Modelling
  • Computer Controlled Function Generator
  • Video Signal Distribution
  • Implementation of Reed Solomon Code in C
  • Error Correction Codes in Matlab
  • Reed Solomon Decoder implementation on FPGA

Any student interested in project work in these or related areas is welcome to contact me.