Peer reviewed publications

Supporting Unanticipated Dynamic Adaption of Application Behaviour

Barry Redmond and Vinny Cahill

In ECOOP 2002 - Object-Oriented Programming (Springer-Verlag, June 2002).

Using Reflection to Support Dynamic Adaptation of System Software: A Case Study Driven Evaluation

Jim Dowling, Tilman Schäfer, Vinny Cahill, Peter Haraszti and Barry Redmond.

In Reflection and Software Engineering (Springer-Verlag, June 2000).

Non-peer reviewed publications

Mobile Communications and Environment Control for Wheelchair Users

Barry Redmond

Paper presented at 1st TIDE Congress, Brussels, April 1993 and published in Rehabilitation Technology - Strategies for the European Union (IOS Press 1993).

Modular Environmental Control & Communications System

Barry Redmond

Paper presented at Access to Control Systems, Dublin, June 1992 and published in conference proceedings by COST 219 of DGXIII of EU.

Unpublished conference papers

Iguana/J: Towards a Dynamic and Efficient Reflective Architecture for Java

Barry Redmond and Vinny Cahill

Position paper presented at workshop on Reflection and Meta-level Architectures, Cannes, June 2000.

From Prototype to Profit

Barry Redmond

Paper presented at Setting Up Your Own Business: The Engineer as an Entrepreneur, The Institution of Engineers of Ireland, Dublin, November 1993.

Breaking the Mould of SCADA Systems

Barry Redmond

Paper presented at Telemetry UK, London, April 1988.

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