Iguana/J supports unanticipated dynamic adaptation of Java software systems. By extending the Java virtual machine to add dynamic behavioural reflection it provides a platform for intercepting and handling operations such as object creation, method invocation, and field read and write. New behaviour may be inserted into Java applications at runtime without preprocessing or modifying the application source code or bytecode.

Iguana/J provides a principled and structured framework for associating new behaviour with classes and objects. It uses the concept of metatypes to ensure that new behaviour is applied consistently to an application. Iguana/J's class library is small and simple to use.

The current implementation of Iguana/J works with the JVM supplied by Sun with their JDK 1.3, and only on the Windows 32-bit platform.

Download Iguana/J... (software and documentation)

Online Documentation

The complete documentation for Iguana/J may be read here, in javadoc form. Look at the description of the package ie.tcd.iguana for the best introduction to installing and using Iguana/J.

Publications and Presentations

Iguana/J was part of the PhD research of Barry Redmond in the Distributed Systems Group of the Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin. The research finished in October 2003.

September 2004