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Andreas Schwarzbacher

Andreas Schwarzbacher

  Current Research Information 

Dr. Schwarzbacher's research focuses on low-power VLSI design and in particular on the following two areas: the design of high-speed low-power structures and the estimation of the power consumption at the earliest possible stages of the IC design cycle. To date Andreas Schwarzbacher's research has resulted in over 100 publications. Dr. Schwarzbacher is also acting as a reviewer for the IEEE Journal of Solid State Design, The Journal of VLSI, as well as for the IEE and various conferences. 

In the area of high level-circuit design Dr. Schwarzbacher is investigating computational intensive real-time designs such as real-time image processing. 
His research into power estimation has led to the development of a high-level power estimation tool (PowerCount). This work is carried out in conjunction with various academic institutions across the European Union. 
Dr. Schwarzbacher's most recent projects include the development of a novel power estimation algorithm using supercomputing resources provided by the Italian inter-university computing centre CINECA under the ICARUS2 and ICARUS3 (DG XII) project. 

Most of Dr. Schwarzbacher’s current postgraduate student projects are conduced in cooperation with industrial partners and are funded by companies such as BMW, Deutsche Bahn AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Systems, Silicon Software GmbH or ALV GmbH.

Tel: +353 1 402 4605