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Andreas Schwarzbacher

Andreas Schwarzbacher

  Current Postgraduate Students

Olaf Rudolph
Analysis of Multiple Source Partial Discharge Patterns

Andreas Roos
Privacy and AAA Functionalities in IP Based Mobile Communications

  Recent Postgraduate Students

Ronny Henker
Investigation of the slow and fast light effect on the basis of stimulated Brillouin-scattering for the application in optical communication and information systems

Michael Brutscheck
Systematic Analysis of Unknown Integrated Circuits

Christian Jakob
Parallel Multiprocessor System of Real Time Correlation

Johannes Trein
FPGA Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms

Andreas Scheibelhut
The Unprecedented Assimilation of Mobile Telephony in Ireland- a Phenomenon of the Celtic Tiger Era or a Result of Cultural Traits?

Markus Junker
Investigation of the Properties of a Radio over Fibre System based on Millimetre Wave Generation by Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

Maik Töpfer
A Novel Approach in Measuring Wireless LAN Stability in a Production Environment

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