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Anthony Grennan Publications
 "Capacity Variation of Indoor Radio MIMO Systems Using a Deterministic Model"

A. Grennan (DIT), C. Downing (DIT) and B. Foley (TCD)

Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2003 Limerick University

Abstract Recently there has been extensive research into improving the channel capacity of wireless systems using antenna arrays at the transmitter and receiver. Such multiple-input multiple- output (MIMO) systems have been theoretically described and are predicted to provide significant channel gains as quantified by the Shannon capacity formula. This paper reports the results of simulation experiments, that employ a deterministic ray-tracing model, to investigate the spectral efficiency of indoor MIMO systems. In particular, we explore the effect of the transmit/receiver range on the channel capacity variation and the factors that influence this.


"Simultaneous Transmission of Speech and Data by means of Adaptive Signal Processing"

Irish Signals and Systems Conference 1992 UCC

A. Grennan (DIT), C. Downing (DIT) and F. Boland (TCD)



Irish Signals and Systems Conference Paper 2003


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