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Anthony Grennan General

Currently I am researching in the field of antenna arrays as a part-time PhD student in DIT. My supervisors are Dr. Conor Downing (DIT) and Dr Brian Foley (TCD) . Specifically we are investigating MIMO techniques  for improving the efficiency of radio systems. A brief description of the theory is supplied  and  further details may be found in the recent ISSC paper (see publications webpage). Also, a power point slide presentation of recent results is included.

Previously I completed an Msc investigating the simultaneous transmission of speech and data by means of adaptive signal processing.





Foschini, Gans et al  of Lucent Technologies have proposed using two arrays in a multipath environment, to create multiple parallel channels over the same bandwidth.

The general idea of such systems is to use an array of N transmitters and N receivers to transmit data at N times the rate of a single transmitter receiver pair (the multiple data streams being transmitted in the same the same frequency band). Hence, they are categorized as multiple input multiple output systems (MIMO) systems. The techniques depend on a combination of spatial and time diversity, which is derived from the presence of multiple copies of the data due to multipath. This ‘echo signature’ is used as the basis for the digital signal processing at the receiver that extracts the data.



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