Tanmoy Debnath


    Postgraduate Research Student, Communications Network Research Institute (CNRI).                                              

    Phone: +353 - 1 – 402 7952, Fax: +353-1- 402 7939                                                            

    Email:  tanmoy.debnath@dit.ie


     Supervisor:   Dr. Mark Davis, Principal Investigator, CNRI


     My Background:


    Master of Science in Engineering Degree in Hardware for Wireless Communications from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden,

    BSc. Eng. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh.    


     Research Topic:


    Video Streaming over Wireless Local Area Networks.


     About CNRI:


    The CNRI (founded in July 2001) has origins in the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering and is headed-up by Dr. Mark Davis

    who is on a research secondment funded by SFI. The CNRI is funded under a SFI  Multi-Investigator Award and under an Enterprise Ireland

    Informatics Initiative project. The CNRI is undertaking research in the area of wireless networks and specifically the IEEE 802.11 family of wireless

    LAN standards. The main focus of the work is in radio resource management for quality of service (QoS) provisioning. QoS provisioning is a critical

    element in the delivery of real-time services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and video streaming over wireless networks. The Focas Institute houses

     a number of interdisciplinary research groups including CNRI.




    The Effects of Contention between stations on Video Streaming Applications over Wireless Local Area Networks- an experimental approach

    ( Best Paper Award  in ITT ’07 Conference)

     Information Technology and Telecommunications Conference 2007 (ITT 2007), Blanchardstown, Ireland, October 2007


    Nicola Cranley, Tanmoy Debnath, Mark Davis


     An Experimental Investigation of Parallel Multimedia Streams over IEEE 802.11e WLAN Networks using TXOP

    Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2007), Glasgow, United Kingdom, 24-28 June 2007,


    Nicola Cranley, Tanmoy Debnath, Mark Davis


     Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Background Traffic Loads on Streamed Video over 802.11b WLANs

    Information Technology and Telecommunications Conference 2006 (ITT 2006), Carlow, Ireland, October 2006


    Tanmoy Debnath, Nicola Cranley, Mark Davis


     Experimental Comparison of Wired versus Wireless Video Streaming over IEEE 802.11b WLANs

    IEE Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2006 (ISSC 2006), Dublin, Ireland, June 2006


    Tanmoy Debnath, Nicola Cranley, Mark Davis


    Video Streaming Applications over WLAN

      Poster: NCNRC,Maynooth, Ireland, March 2006

      Nicola Cranley, Tanmoy Debnath, Mark Davis

      Postal Address:  MAP (Courtesy: Google Earth )

    Communications Network Research Institute,
    FOCAS Building, DIT,
    13 Camden Row, Dublin 8