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Maik Töpfer

Maik Toepfer



Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Telecommunications
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)


A novel approach in measuring Wireless LAN stability in a production environment

Over the decade Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) have become an important part of a company's network infrastructure. To guarantee a high availability it became necessary to establish a monitoring of the WLAN installation. Common solutions in that field employ a stand alone sensor network for that purpose. This research presents a novel approach, saving hardware, installation cost and providing a real-time picture of the WLAN utilisation. Here, instead of stand alone hardware existing WLAN clients are used as sensors. These existing clients regularly submit WLAN information as well as their position to a central server. At this server incoming data is tested for anomalies using statistical methods instead of the traditional threshold approach, thus providing a more accurate anomaly detection.


M. Toepfer and A. Th. Schwarzbacher, "Design of a Wireless LAN Anomaly Detector", 6th Electronic Circuits and Systems Conference, Bratislava, 2007


M. Toepfer, "A Novel Approach in WLAN Anomaly Detection", Master Thesis, Dublin Institute of Technology, November 2007