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Francisco Leon Lerma
4th Floor, Kevin St

Honours Degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering
Postgraduate student (MPhil)


Dual-Polarised Antennas for Wireless Applications

The research involves the development of printed dipole antennas for wireless applications. The objective is to achieve dual-polarised crossed-dipoles which are printed on a low-cost dielectric substrate. The integration of an effective balun and a wide bandwidth are also important factors.

Evans J. A, Leon Lerma, F and Ammann M. J, Printed Antenna with Electromagnetically-coupled Slotted Element 9 th IEEE HFPGS Colloq. Digest, 2004, IEEE Catalog No: 04TH8740, 81-86.

Leon Lerma, F., Electromagnetic field measurement procedure in proximity to mobile communications antenna and comparison of results.
Congreso: WSEAS 2002 International Conferences on Microwaves, Antennas and Radar Systems. Chiclana ESPAÑA

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