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Dineshen Chuckravanen, Postgraduate Research Student

BEng(Hons) Electronics and Communications
MSc Communications Engineering & Signal Processing

Memberships: IEEE, IEE

Contact Information

  Place: Applied Optoelectronics Centre,5th floor DIT Kevin Street


Imaging, Avalanche Photodiodes, SPAD, TCSPC, Statistical Analysis

Research Interests

2D and 3D Imaging using Geiger Mode Avalanche Photodiodes


Chuckravanen, D. (2005) “Independent Component Analysis of Musical Instrument Sound”,
in: Furnell, S.M and Dowland P.S. (eds.) Advances in Network and Communications Engineering 2, ,
Proceedings of the MSc/MRes Network Systems Engineering and MSc/MRes Communications Engineering
& Signal Processing 2003-2004, University of Plymouth, UK, ISBN 1-84102-140-7,pp22-29.