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Andreas Roos

Andreas Roos

Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig
University of Applied Sciences
Gustav-Freytag-Straße 43-45
04277 Leipzig


Phone: +49 6151 583 3371


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Communications Engineering
Postgraduate student (PhD)


Research interests cover network access control mechanisms and quality of service functionalities with focus on improved content and media delivery experience in next generation networks and Internet architectures.



A. Roos, S. Drüsedow, M. I. Hosseini, G. Coskun and S. Zickau,
"Trust Level Based Data Storage and Data Access Control in a Distributed Storage Environment,"
In Proceedings of IEEE 3rd Mobile Cloud Conference 2015, San Francisco, USA, 30. March - 3. April 2015.
Link to conference


A. Roos, M. H. Amirsalari, S. Wieland and A. Schwarzbacher,
"Barcode Initiated Hotspot Auto-login Mechanism For WLAN-Based Access Networks,"
In Proceedings of 25th Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2014, Limerick, Ireland, 26. - 27. June 2014.
Link to conference

H. J. Einsiedler, N. Bayer, K. Hänsge, R. Szczepanski, M. Kurze, T. Rettig, F. Gonzalez-Garcia, A. Roos, S. Berg and J. I. Morenoz,
"Efficient Transmission of Smartphone Application Traffic in Wireless Access Networks,"
In Proceedings of IEEE Mobile Cloud Conference 2014, Oxford, England, 8. - 11. April 2014.
Link to conference


A. Roos, O. Bonness, S. Dhakal, H. Lonsethagen, I. Korthals, S. Wieland and A. Schwarzbacher,
"Application Service Quality Indication to End-Users in IP based Networks as Added Value Service,"
In Proceedings of Future Network & MobileSummit conference 2013, Lisbon, Portugal, 3. - 5. July 2013.
Link to conference


N. Bayer, D. Sivchenko, H. J. Einsiedler, A. Roos, A. Uzun, S. Göndör and A. Küpper,
"Energy Optimisation in Heterogeneous Multi-RAT Networks,"
In Proceedings of ICIN conference 2011, Berlin, Germany, 4. - 7. October 2011.
Link to conference


A. Roos, M. Flegl, S. Wieland, A. Th. Schwarzbacher and H. J. Einsiedler,
"Semacode based Voucher Concept enabling flexible and user-friendly Hotspot Login on demand,"
In Proceedings of 15. ITG Fachtagung Mobilkommunikation, Osnabrück, Germany, 19. - 20. May 2010.
Link to conference and presentation

S. Massner, A. Roos and N. Graf,
"Optimierung von WLAN Zugangsnetzen durch richtlinienbasierte Ressourcensteuerung,"
In Proceedings of 15. ITG Fachtagung Mobilkommunikation, Osnabrück, Germany, 19. - 20. May 2010.
Link to conference and presentation


A. Roos, A. Keller, A. Th. Schwarzbacher and S. Wieland,
"Sequential Authentication Concept to Improve WLAN Handover Performance," In Proceedings of Intelligent
Interactive Assistance and Mobile Multimedia Computing 2009, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany, 9. - 11. November 2009



A. Roos, S. Robitzsch, B. Xu, S. Wieland and A. Th. Schwarzbacher,
"Service Quality Improvement based on Network Attachment Subsystem extensions and Service Enhancement Function -
Mesh Networks as an example," In Proceedings of Networks 2008, Budapest, Hungary, 28. September - 2. October 2008.
pdf file

N. Bayer, D. Hock, A. Roos, M. Siebert, B. Xu, V. Rakocevic and J. Habermann,
"VoIP performance in "MeshBed" - a Wireless Mesh Network Testbed,"
In Proceedings of the 67th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) Spring 2008, Marina Bay, Singapore,
May 2008.
IEEE Xplore


A. Roos, A. Th. Schwarzbacher, S. Wieland and B. Xu,
"Time behaviour and network encumbrance due to authentication in wireless mesh access networks,"
In Proceedings of the 65th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) Spring 2007, Dublin, Ireland, April 2007. pdf file


A. Roos, A. Th. Schwarzbacher and S. Wieland,
"Broadband Wireless Internet Access in Public Transportation,"
In Proceedings of the VDE Kongress - Innovations in Europe, Vol. 1, pp. 65-70, Aachen, Germany, Oct. 2006. pdf file
N. Bayer, A. Roos, R. Karrer, B. Xu and C. Esteve,
"Towards Carrier Grade Wireless Mesh Networks for Broadband Access,"
In Proceedings of the OpComm 2006, Berlin, Germany, Sep. 2006. Link to conference


Ch. Esteve and A. Roos,
"A Review of Policy-Based Resource and Admission Control Functions in Evolving Access and Next Generation Networks,"
In: Journal of Network and Systems Management, VOL 16, NO 1 March 2008, Springer Netherlands, pp. 14 - 45. Springer Link