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Andreas Schmitter
Room 425, 4th Floor, Kevin St




Cost Effective Integration and Extension of Telecommunication and Data Networks

Modern telecommunication technology offers a lot more facilities than telecommunication systems which were installed only two years ago. To get a flexible, adaptable and innovative solution it is necessary to think about the basics of the telecommunication technology being installed today.

New technologies have appeared in the last few years. For example Voice over IP (VoIP) or distributed telecommunication systems which need only one management processor. All of this new technology promises reductions of cost, by using one central administration or one cable system instead of installing a number of different systems.

To get a fundamental base for the decision makers it is necessary to look upon different technologies, take different measurements and not to forget to look at economic aspects. This is the objective of Andreasís project.

A wrong decision can cause a lot of trouble and high cost for the users. There have been some examples in the last two years when data networks of big firms crashed. This work will provide guidelines for future decisions of other firms. Not all institutions are able to make such guidelines and compare the different systems. But it is necessary in this market where aggressive marketing and sales organisations generate very high expectations into new technologies

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