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Retirement - Victor Thorne

The retirement party for Mr. Victor Thorne took place on the 22nd of November 2002. Victor and his wife Imelda and his two sons Mark and Gareth were present, along with Victor's daughter-in-law Clodagh and his grand-daughter Emma. A large number of colleagues and retired members of staff attended the party.

Victor qualified as a marine radio officer in 1956 and after 20 years at sea he returned to D.I.T. in 1976. Since 1976 he has taught on a variety of full-time and part-time programmes. Victor has long term interest in Satellites and their applications and the School is proud of Victor's achievements in this area. Victor was instrumental in the setting up of the D.I.T. National Satellite Services Centre and participated fully in its ongoing activities. Victor also had a strong involvement with Prof. Gordon Foster of Trinity College Dublin and the Trinet project. This project uses 
low earth orbiting satellites to bring email services to populations in remote parts of Africa.

Victor's research in satellite communications also led to the award of the first ever D.I.T. Postgraduate Diploma (Research) for a project entitled "Development of a Satellite Communications Installation and Related Teaching Module"

Victor was presented with a painting and an antique microwave magnetron to mark his retirement.

The staff of the School wish Victor a long and happy retirement.

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