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Postgraduate Seminar for Undergraduates

On the 9th of December 2004, the annual postgraduate seminar for undergraduates was held to inform this years final year students, on the degree programmes FT221(DT021) and FT281(DT081), of the opportunities for research available in the School.  The Seminar was organised by Dr. Max Ammann. The Seminar began with an outline from the Head of School, Dr Gerald Farrell, of the School’s major research areas. Three graduate students then presented a short talk on their research:


Jonathan Evans: Antenna Development for Wireless Applications


Cheng Gao: Plastic Optical Fibre Transmission


Brian Keegan: Traffic Engineering in Wireless Networks.

The Seminar closed with a presentation and Question & Answer session led by Dr. Andreas Schwarzbacher, on a range of practical research issues and decisions, for example the choice between full-time and part-time research and the support mechanisms available for research. 


An Inspiring Evening for Engineering Students in Kevin Street
‘DIT is your passport to your future in Engineering’

Mark Wright, Graduate of DT289/DT280
Currently: IT Contractor with Vodafone

DIT Engineering Awards and Career Information Night on Monday, 29th November in Gleeson Hall, Kevin Street was an inspiring successful evening 
The evening was organised to highlight the achievements of graduates in the engineering fields, and to highlight the potential career rewards to first year students.

Representatives of several international companies and engineering bodies also attended giving students the opportunity to learn about their future career paths.

During the evening a presentation entitled “Life in the Real World” was given by Michael Hartney of Clear Solutions, Stephen Bovenizer of Schneider Electric, Martin Barrett of ESBI and Mark Wright, an IT Contractor with Vodafone. All four speakers are graduates of Engineering programmes in Kevin Street. These talks offered an inspiring view on engineering as a career and all the possibilities that can come with it. 

After the talks, Dr Brian Norton awarded a Certificate of Academic Excellence to fifteen students followed by Dr Mike Murphy offering advice to students and closing the ceremony. 

The evening was attended by engineering students, parents and staff members. Parents were delighted to have the opportunity to interact with lecturing staff and potential employers and found it invaluable to meet with graduates. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported and attended this evening.  Special thanks to 
Dr Brian Norton, Dr Mike Murphy, Dr Eugene Coyle, Dr Gerald Farrell, Lucent Technologies, Smurfit, Defence Forces, IEI, Pat McCormack (Bolton Trust), Kingspan, HP, Elmore Group, IEE, IAESTE, Joan Fogarty (Careers) Jimmy Robinson, Mark Hartney, Stephen Bovenizer , Martin Barrett, Mark Wright.

Many thanks also to the Internal team: Cecilia Chan, Deirdre Staunton, Michael Farrell, Gavin Duffy, to the members of staff & all our volunteer students, for a very successful evening.


Dr Gerry Cowley TD Shows Interest in Cancer Research Programme at the School of Electronic & Communications Engineering

On Thursday 4th October 2004 Victor Thorne invited Dr Gerry Cowley, TD to visit the School of Electronic & Communications Engineering. Dr Cowley is interested in the current research into the use of radio waves as a cancer therapy which is being carried out in the School and in the Radiation and Environmental Science Centre (RESC) in the FOCAS building.  As well as offering continuous support with our programme in the future he was greatly impressed with our facilities and expressed the desire to be kept informed of all developments in this field. Dr Cowley also runs a general practice.

Cooperation between DIT and the State Optical Institute, St. Petersburg

Professor Alexandre Baranov is currently visiting the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering at DIT. He is working with Dr Kevin Berwick on a project entitled Advanced Heterostructure Materials for Ultrafast Information and Communication Circuits. The project is a collaboration between the Dept of Electronic and Communications Engineering and FOCAS in DIT and the Laboratory of Photophysics and Photochemistry of Molecular System and Quantum Nanostructures (LPMSQN) of S.I.Vavilov State Optical Institute, St.-Petersburg.

Several other Universities, including TCD, Queens University Belfast, Warwick and Stuttgart Universities will also provide input, particularly in the area of sample preparation. The project is funded by DIT under the International Collaboration Award Scheme 2004.

Professor Alexandre Baranov

DIT Engineering Student Awards and Career Information Night

The School of Control Systems and Electrical Engineering in conjunction with the School of Electronic Engineering cordially invite all undergraduate and postgraduate engineers to the DIT Engineering Student Awards and Career Information Night on Monday, 29th November 2004 at 5:00p.m. in Gleeson Hall, DIT Kevin Street.

The night has been designed to motivate our fresh arrivals by showing them how well their seniors have done and the potential rewards if they also do well. Engineering graduates from Kevin Street have also been invited to give presentations on “Life in the real world” from their work related experiences since they graduated. In addition, international companies such as Hewlett Packard and Smurfit, have also been invited to set up recruitment and promotional stands to give students the opportunity to speak to prospective employers directly about their future career paths.

Parents and secondary career counsellors will also be attending to celebrate the successes of these students and to share the DIT experience.

To find out more information, please ring Dr. Cecilia Chan at 01-4022879 or email

"The Modern Engineer" - An Interview with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering - 23rd September, 2004

Click here to download or view the interview... 

Visit of Dr John Holt to DIT

On 17th May 2004 Dr John Holt from Perth Western Australia paid a courtesy call on the DIT Kevin Street and discussed some of his lifelong work in the treatment of cancer.  Please click here for the full article...

Programme Committee for OPTO Ireland 2005

Congratulations to Dr Gerald Farrell and Dr Kevin Berwick who are both appointed to sit on the Programme Committee for OPTO Ireland 2005, run by the International Society for Optical Engineering, which will run on 4-5 April, 2005 at the Royal Dublin Society.

This event gives the country an opportunity to showcase its impressive research, technologies, manufacturing and educational prowness.
OPTO-Ireland's 12 co-located conferences, exhibitions, courses and plenary presentations provide an important opportunity for Ireland's engineering community, drawn from industry, third-level institutes, State Agencies, and elsewhere to network with many Irish,  European, and world leaders in their chosen fields.

Mr. Mao Linsheng, the Mayor of Hangzhou, China, led a delegation while visiting Ireland - April 2004

Mr. Mao Linsheng, the Mayor of Hangzhou, China, led a delegation visiting Ireland.  The School of Electronic & Communications Engineering had the opportunity to host Mayor Mao Linsheng and his delegation of nine officials on Friday afternoon, the 23rd April 2004.  Mayor Mao Linsheng and his delegation were welcomed by Dr. Gerald Farrell, Dr. Eugene Coyle (Control Systems and Electrical Engineering), Elena Keany (International Student Office), Deirdre Staunton (School of Electronic & Communications Engineering) and a number of Chinese Engineering Students.

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province.  It is the political, economic and cultural centre of the province and is located 180 kilometres from Shanghai.  The purpose of their visit was to strengthen relationships between Ireland and China focusing on trade and education.  As one of the strongest growing economies in the world, recognised as having massive potential, China is determined to focus on hi-tech sectors and on education, to ensure it fulfils its economic destiny.  The Mayor showed a keen interest in the standard of education in Ireland and how accessible our programmes are to Chinese students.  Ireland’s standard of education is attracting more and more Chinese students each year and there is a growing community of Chinese students attending the DIT.


Irish President, Mary McAleese launches Online Exhibition of Records

On Friday 7th May, at a reception in the National Archives in Bishop St, the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, launched an online exhibition of the records of the Office of the Secretary to the President on the website of the National Archives.

The National Archives website is hosted on a server in the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering. The software systems used for searching and displaying all the archive records on the website (including those of the Office of the Secretary to the President) were developed and are maintained by staff and students of the School. The server has been hosted in the School since 1995, and was the first website established for any Irish Government agency.

The National Archives website is


Students from Switzerland visit DIT Kevin Street

15 students and their lecturer, Walter Seiler, from the ZHW Winterthur, Switzerland came to visit the School of Electronic & Communications on Tuesday last (20th April). They are all students of CI (Communication & Informatics). They attended a presentation on the School and along with a School tour met with some of our Final Year Project Students. The ZHW is the biggest politechnical college in Switzerland with about 2500 students.

New Funding for Research

Research in Optical Communications at the School of Electronic & Communications Engineering recently received a substantial boost when two projects were selected for funding under the Proof-of-Concept scheme from the National Research Support Fund Board. The DIT submitted five projects, of which three were funded, the highest success rate for any of the nine institutions who submitted projects.

The two projects funded in the area of Optical Communications are:

Dr. Gerald Farrell and Mr. Tom Freir:
High Speed Optical Wavelength Measurement using a Passive Wavelength Discriminator

Dr. Yuri Panarin and Dr. Yuliya Semenova:
High Speed Switch for All-Optical Networks Based on a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal

Both projects are supported by the Applied Optoelectronics Centre at the DIT.

Graduation from the first class of FT281/DT081 - Computer Engineering

Prof. Norton and Dr. Farrell with some of the first graduates from the new honours degree in Computer Engineering - FT281/DT081

From left to right (top row):

Peter Newman, Keith Lynch, Prof. Brian Norton, Dr Gerald Farrell, Evelyn Burke and Niall Flynn.

From left to right (bottom row):

Keith Doyle, Eric Mullane and Michael Kennedy.



Evelyn Burke graduated on Saturday, 6th of December 2003, from the School of Electronic & Communications Engineering.  She achieved first class honours in the Computer Engineering degree and graduated at the top of her class.  

Evelyn is from the first class to graduate from our new Honours degree in Computer Engineering – FT281/DT081.



Development board donation from Xilinx Corporation - November 2003

The School of Electronics and Communications Engineering in DIT, Kevin Street recently received a generous donation from Xilinx Corporation of US $3000  worth of prototyping boards as part of their ongoing support for teaching and research at the DIT. This donation will greatly enhance the teaching of Digital Design in the School of Electronics and Communications Engineering. The donation comprises 20 Digilab D2E FPGA-based development boards which will be used as a prototyping platform for moderate to complex digital circuits and systems. The Digilab D2E board features a 200K-gate Xilinx Spartan 2E XC2S200E FPGA and comes complete with a matching Digilab DI01 peripheral boards allowing easy access to input and output facilities on the Spartan chip.

Digilab D2E systems board 

Xilinx leads one of the fastest growing segments of the semiconductor industry - programmable logic devices (PLDs) with 49% market share. PLDs represent an exciting growth potential in the chip market thanks to their flexible nature and ability to change functionality even after being manufactured. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif. USA, Xilinx has significant operating facilities in Colorado, New Mexico, Ireland and Scotland.

DI01 Peripheral board

Masters of Business Administration awarded to Ciarán O’ Driscoll 

November 2003 - The National Satellite Services Centre are pleased to announce that their Project Director and a Founding member, Ciarán O’ Driscoll has being awarded an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from DCU.

The National Satellite Services Centre (NSSC) grew out of the activities of an academic who set up a ground support station for accessing satellite systems, in the School of Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Kevin Street.

NSSC was set up in 1997 with a National remit to service and assist Irish industry in the exploitation of opportunities in the telecom and software applications sector. The centre was founded with funding from Enterprise Ireland (then Forbairt) under the Technology Centres Program.

NSSC currently provide research and consultancy services to Irish industry and encourage technology transfer out of the largest third level Institute in Ireland, the Dublin Institute of Technology, DIT. The mission of the Centre is to pursue collaborative research and development projects, with the aim of developing and commercially exploiting the research.

Former students from the class of 1973 visit the School

Over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of May former students of the School arranged a reunion in Dublin. They were students on the Radio and Telecommunications Technicians (WRTT) course from 1970 to 1973 - so this year is the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation.

Read more here...


Eamon Skelly, a retired technician who worked in the School for 49 year has been conferred with Honorary M.A.

The Dublin Institute of Technology has recognised the outstanding contribution of Eamon Skelly, with the award of a Masters of Arts, (Honoris Causa) on the 7th of December 2002, at the annual engineering conferring ceremony in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Click here for full details and photos

Photo gallery of Eamons Retirement Party in DIT Kevin Street, 7th Feb 03


Ronan O'Riain conferred with Postgraduate Diploma, 7th December 2002

Congratulations to Mr. Ronan O’Riain of the School of Electronics and Communications Engineering, who was conferred with a D.I.T. Postgraduate Diploma (Research) at the annual engineering graduation ceremony in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, on the 7th of December 2002. Ronan was accompanied by his wife Pat, his son Marcus and daughter Ciara.

His research thesis was entitled “Digital Television and its implications for course development”

Click here for full details and photos

Retirement - Victor Thorne

The retirement party for Mr. Victor Thorne took place on the 22nd of November 2002. Victor and his wife Imelda and his two sons Mark and Gareth were present, along with Victor's daughter-in-law Clodagh and his grand-daughter Emma. A large number of colleagues and retired members of staff attended the party.
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Retirement - Eamon Skelly

Eamon Skelly retired from the Electronics Department in August after 49 years of service. On the 20th of September his fellow technicians (past and present) presented him with a cheque for  €400 at a knees up in the Corner Stone. This was a small token of our appreciation and Eamon is sadly missed already.

Döhrer Award Presented to DT021/FT221 Student for Best Final Year Project

Mr. Marcus Herz received for his DT021/FT221 final year project the Döhrer Award 2002. Mr. Herz designed an integrated circuit which is capable of automatically distinguishing between speech and noise. This information is then used to remove the noise from the speech signal to improve the quality of mobile communications.

The project was carried out under the lead of the VLSI Research Group of the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering together with the University of Applied Science – Darmstadt, Germany as well as NUI Maynooth, Ireland.

The picture shows the presentation of the award to Mr. Herz by the Director of the Döhrer Foundation Prof. Donnevert and the Project Supervisor of Mr. Herz, Dr. Schwarzbacher.


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