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Faculty Open Day January 2004

Thousands of young people visited DIT's Aungier Street campus on Saturday to help them in making up their minds about their CAO applications at the end of February.  Each faculty had set up exhibition stands and thanks to volunteers from both staff and students, the visitors were offered advice and information on courses and entry requirements, and to help make their decisions, a display of demonstrations and presentations were also available.




James Foreman, Paul Shorte and Conor McMahon giving first hand information on our courses

Some Prospective Students attending an Engineering Presentation


Mechanical Engineering stole the limelight with their Helicopter on display

Paul Shorte -  Fourth Year FT281/DT081 Computer Engineering Student demonstrating to attentive visitors


Demonstration at the School of Electronic & Communications Stand

Information about the local events for the School in Kevin Street are coming soon.  In the meantime here is some related information...

The main Open Day page is hosted on the DIT website, click here to view it...

A selection of the photos taken during the School open day.  Click on a photo to enlarge or scroll down to see other Open Day information.


Recent Student Recruitment Open Day

The DIT student recruitment open day was held on Saturday the 18th of January. This year in addition to career talks each School hosted an exhibition stand. The day was very successful, with many prospective student enquiries to our stand.

The members of the academic staff on hand to answer questions and provide information were Niall Coakley, Paula Kelly, Martin O'Hanlon, Andreas Schwarzbacher, Paul Tobin, Michael Tully, Chris Bruce, John Dalton and myself. Andrew Dillon assisted in the preparation of the displays on the stand. 

Well done to all involved.

Gerald Farrell
Head of the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering


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