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Module Catalogue

A catalogue of modules and programmes available from the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.


School of Electronic and Communications Engineering


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Code *Name ECTS Used In
1.BUS3101Financial Management5 DT080.3
2.COMM1201Applied Data Networking 15 DT080.1
3.COMM1208Communication Systems5 DT008.1
4.COMM2108Digital Communications Engineering 15 DT008.2
5.COMM2208Digital Communications Engineering 25 DT008.2
6.COMM2602Communications Networks 15 DT021.2 and DT081.2
7.COMM2603Digital Communications 15 DT021.3 and DT081.2
8.COMM3108Communications Systems 15 DT008.3
9.COMM3208Communications Systems 25 DT008.3
10.COMM3380Communications Networks5 DT079.1
11.COMM3480Analogue and Digital Communications5 DT079.1
12.COMM3601Field Theory and DSP5 DT074.1 and DT081.3
13.COMM3602Digital Communications 25 DT021.4, DT074.1 and DT081.3
14.COMM3603Data Communications 15 DT021.4, DT074.1 and DT081.3
15.COMM4601Advanced Signal Processing5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
16.COMM4602Wireless Communications5 DT021.4, DT074.2 and DT081.4
17.COMM4603Data Communications 25 DT074.2 and DT081.4
18.COMM4604Microwaves and RF5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
19.COMP1101Computer Hardware & Security 15 DT080.1
20.COMP1108Software Systems5 DT008.1
21.COMP1189Computer Systems 15-
22.COMP1201Web Development 15 DT079.1 and DT080.1
23.COMP1208Computer Systems5 DT008.1
24.COMP1601Computer Programming 15 DT021.1 and DT081.1
25.COMP1602Computer Programming 25 DT021.1 and DT081.1
26.COMP2101Operating Systems5 DT080.2
27.COMP2108Software Design 110 DT008.2
28.COMP2189PC and Data Communications 15 DT082
29.COMP2600Software Development5 DT081.2
30.COMP2601Computer Architecture 15 DT021.2 and DT081.2
31.COMP2602Computer Architecture 25 DT021.3 and DT081.2
32.COMP3101Server-side Web Development5 DT080.3
33.COMP3108Software Design 210 DT008.3
34.COMP3180Microprocessors and Embedded Systems 15 DT008.3 and DT079.1
35.COMP3280Microprocessors and Embedded Systems 25 DT079.1
36.COMP3380Music Technology5 DT079.1
37.COMP3601Software Engineering5 DT074.1 and DT081.3
38.COMP3602Operating Systems5 DT021.4, DT074.1, DT079.1 and DT081.3
39.COMP4600Network Centric Computing5 DT021.4
40.COMP4601Computer Architecture 35 DT074.2 and DT081.4
41.COMP4602Real-time and Embedded Systems5 DT021.4, DT074.2 and DT081.4
42.COMP4603Distributed Systems5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
43.COMP4604GUI Design and Database Connectivity5 DT074.2 and DT081.4
44.DESI1602Engineering Practice and Design5 DT021.1 and DT081.1
45.DSI3208Digital Systems Integration5 DT008.3
46.DSP3108DSP Applications 15 DT008.3
47.DTEC1101Digital Age Technology 15 DT080.1
48.DTEC1189Digital Age Technology 15 DT008.1
49.DTEC1289Digital Age Technology 25-
50.ELEC1101Electronics5 DT080.1
51.ELEC1189Electric Circuits and Devices 15 DT008.1
52.ELEC1289Electric Circuits and Devices 25 DT008.1
53.ELEK1101Physical Computing 15 DT080.1
54.ELEK1189Electronic Systems and Practice 15 DT008.1
55.ELEK1201Physical Computing 25 DT080.1
56.ELEK1289Electronic Systems and Practice 210 DT008.1
57.ELEK2108Electronics 15 DT008.2
58.ELEK2189Electronic Systems and Practice 35 DT082
59.ELEK2208Digital Electronics and VLSI 15 DT008.2
60.ELEK2289Electronic Systems 45 DT082
61.ELEK3108Electronics 25 DT008.3
62.ELEK3208Electronics 35 DT008.3
63.ELTR1203Electronic Systems5 DT003.1
64.ELTR1600Electronic Systems10 DT021.1 and DT081.1
65.ELTR2600Digital Electronic Design5 DT081.2
66.ELTR2601Electronic Systems 25 DT021.2
67.ELTR2602Analogue Electronics5 DT021.2 and DT081.2
68.ELTR2603Solid State Electronics5 DT021.2
69.ELTR4602Signal Processing5 DT021.4
70.FLCT3601Field and Circuit Theory5 DT021.3
71.INST3380Instrumentation and Automatic Test Systems5 DT079.1
72.ITEC4602Innovation and Technology5 DT021.4
73.MCM3208Microelectronic Materials5 DT008.3
74.MICR2101Microprocessors 15 DT080.2
75.MICR2108Microcomputer Systems 15 DT008.2
76.MICR2189Microcomputer Systems 15 DT082
77.MICR2201Microprocessors 25 DT080.2
78.MICR2208Microcomputer Systems 25 DT008.2
79.MICR2289Microcomputer Systems 25 DT082
80.MICR3201Networked Embedded Systems5 DT080.3
81.MWRF4601Microwaves and RF Engineering5 DT021.4
82.NETW1101Network Fundamentals 110 DT080.1
83.NETW1201Routing Protocols and Concepts10 DT080.1
84.NETW1202Introduction to Routing (CCNA2)5 DT079.1
85.NETW2101LAN Switching and Wireless10 DT080.2
86.NETW2201WAN Technologies10 DT080.2
87.NETW2289Data Networks 15 DT082
88.NETW3201Fundamentals of Network Security (CCNA Security)5 DT080.3
89.NETW3202Advanced IP Routing (CCNP Route)5 DT080.3
90.NETW3205Network Management5 DT080.3
91.PRJM3602Project Management5 DT021.3, DT074.1, DT080.3 and DT081.3
92.PROJ1101Information Literacy Project 15-
93.PROJ1201Information Literacy 25 DT080.1
94.PROJ2101Project10 DT080.2
96.PROJ3080Project15 DT079.1
97.PROJ3208Project10 DT008.3
98.PROJ4602Project15 DT021.4, DT074.2 and DT081.4
99.SGSY2108Signals and Systems 15 DT008.2
100.SGSY2208Signals and Systems 25 DT008.2

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