What is the Infinity Project?

  • Links Science & Maths to Modern Digital Technology

  • It provides every resource necessary to become a teacher of Digital Age Technology

  • Taught by high school teachers in 38 States in the US

  • Makes teaching Maths and Science more interesting.

  • Ideal material for transition year students

  • Allows teachers to broaden their careers 


What Can Students Learn?
  • Maths & Science can be FUN 

  • All about MIDI and MP3s

  • To turn a computer into a digital orchestra

  • To create special effects for films

  • To communicate through secretly encoded digital messages 

  • To turn a PC into a mobile phone



But mostly it's fun to teach and fun to learn


DIT Services Provided 

  • First class teacher training. 

  • Access to special purpose DIT website 

  • Helpdesk Guaranteed response service within 24 hours.

  • Periodic refresher classes

  • Advice on implementation of curriculum

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